What light should you use for your factory streetlight?

Streetlight is one of the inventions that makes our life so much better. It provides us better vision and improve safety at night for driving and walking. We need streetlight around the housing area, highway and even industrial settings as the trucks and operations run 24/7.
Street lighting is widely using sodium-vapor light due to its cheap prices. But the sodium-vapor light has many weaknesses that it loses to LEDs on basically all areas. Yet, many have neglected the fact that LED brings many benefits over traditional street lighting.
Here, we will explain their differences and why LED is better for your factory streetlights.

LED Lights VS Sodium-Vapor Lights

There are a couple of reasons that LED lights are more practical than sodium-vapor light for your factory streetlights. These elements may help you in decision making.

Coverage area:

The area a sodium-vapor light can illuminate is much limited than LED light. Meaning you need to install more sodium-vapor lights to cover the whole plant area. Oppositely, LED lights can cover larger areas, requiring fewer units.


Short lifespan is one of the major weaknesses of sodium-vapor light. In contrast, LED lights have a relatively long lifespan compared to other lighting technologies. While sodium-vapor light has around 18,000 hours of lifespan, LED lights’ lifespan can be greater than 40,000 hours.


As mentioned earlier, by installing fewer units of LED lights, there will be a big cost difference. And the extremely low maintenance and replacement costs with LED lights are the significant cost benefit over the long term. Although sodium-vapor lights are relatively cheaper than LEDs, however, you will still need a few more units of sodium-vapor lights to attain the equivalent lifespan as LED light.

Color rendering:

Sodium-vapor light has the worst color rendering index of a -44 on the market as it is monochromatic. Meaning that the illuminated objects will appear shadowy, and you cannot distinguish color under the sodium-vapor light. On the other hand, LED light has a very good color rendering. In the score of 100, LED light achieves higher than 80 and some higher end LED lights achieve almost 100.

Energy consumption:

Sodium-vapor light consumes higher energy than LED lights, and its energy consumption increases 10% over the life of the lamp to maintain its lumen output. Also, roughly 15% of the energy consumed will be turned into waste heat, meaning it is energy inefficiency.
But with LED lights, it consumes 10% less power than sodium-vapor lights and produces very little waste heat. Thus, most of the energy consumed will be used to emit light and not heat.


Sodium-vapor lights require a warm-up period of up to 15 minutes until the light arrives at its full power. In contrast, LED lights have faster switching, which requires no warm-up or cool-down period.

Waste Disposal:

Another major deficiency of sodium-vapor lights is that they have been known to start fire if the lamp is broken. This can be very dangerous and makes it difficult to dispose. As recommended, it is safest to break the sodium-vapor lights under water then subsequently dispose of the destroyed bulb.


Unlike sodium-vapor light, which illuminates parallel to the floor, some LED lights are adjustable to illuminate a specific area.
While some LED lights are not adjustable, GlowOne has adjustable light distribution for different street configurations.
Not only does GlowOne LED light has all the benefits mentioned above that defeats sodium-vapor lights, but it also has many features that other LED lights do not offer.
For example,
  • Protection against dust & moisture
  • Various types of installation
  • Easy to maintain and extend
  • Special structure for pest control
As good as it sounds, you might be worried about the cost of GlowOne LED lights. But no worries, Syspex does offer a rental option that gives you much flexibility. You can even own the lights after 3 years of rental.
So, contact us now to know more about our GlowOne LED lights and rental!
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