Tips for Workplace Safety

Work-related injuries or illnesses can be severe or even fatal. According to Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSH), there were 11,350 workplace injuries in 2020. This statistic means, among 100,000 workers, there will be 344 people who get injured, whether it is fatal, major or minor.

Total Workplace Injuries 11,350
Fatal 30
Major 463
Minor 10,857

Source: Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Council 

In June, CNA reported three workers died in separate accidents within 5 days, one falling to death, one drowning and another pinned by toppled goods from a forklift. Additionally, in recent news, a forklift operator was jailed for two weeks where he was not supposed to drive a forklift if his vision was blocked, but he did, resulting in running over a man’s legs. The victim suffered severe injuries, and his lower limbs were subsequently amputated.

The news has reminded us how significant it is to ensure our employee’s safety. Another reason for ensuring employee safety is also to minimize consequences such as compensation or penalty charges. In 2020, the maximum compensation for death and total permanent incapacity has increased to $225,000 and $289,000. Also, employees can make claims and receive compensation for medical expenses for work-related injuries up to $45,000.

So, how can we prevent forklift accidents?
There are a couple of valuable tips that you can easily implement in your workplace to minimize forklift accidents.

Forklift Safety Training
By providing Forklift Safety Training, employees will understand how to operate the forklift, the protocol for carrying loads, and other rules & regulations. The training is not limited to the inexperienced employees but also the veteran forklift operators regularly, such as every once a year, to refresh their understanding.

Enhance Safety Mechanism
The WSH has issued a reminder to industry players to implement the necessary risk controls to protect workers and adhere to these safety guidelines. Design a warehouse that keeps safety in focus by incorporating products that enhance visibility and communication.

Follow the procedures
Even training was provided and has enhanced the warehouse’s safety mechanisms; however, if the employees are not following the protocols, the risk of accidents will still not be addressed. Thus, adhere to these guidelines are equally, if not more, important to others. For instance, stack pallets properly, stack weight and height, enforce a maximum speed, etc.

How can Syspex help you to enhance your safety mechanism?
Syspex understands the importance of workplace safety and has always wanted to help our customers create a safe workplace, so we offer various products to enhance workplace safety.

To prevent forklift accidents, installing warning lights or alarms is one effective method to alert pedestrians to know a forklift is reversing or nearby. In this case, pedestrians will be more careful and keep a safe distance from the forklift. Additionally, installing a camera helps eliminate dead angles so that the forklift operator will have better vision. Not only will it reduce the risk of knocking someone off, but it will also make employees work more efficiently.

If you need professional assistance in choosing a suitable product to enhance your workplace safety, SYSPEX is always happy to help.
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