Manual Labelling is NOT Efficient!

The demand for labelling is huge due to an increasing need for labelling in the logistics chain and consumer packaging. Most products need to apply bar codes, prices, shipping addresses or product information for easier product management and identification. However, many businesses are unable to meet their demand for labelling in packaging. And the main reason is due to labour issues.

Many businesses often have insufficient workers for labelling, which causes low efficiency and productivity. On the other hand, whilst some businesses face difficulties hiring enough workers, those with enough workers complain about the rising and high labour cost. As manual labelling has its capacity, it is either costly or time-consuming to complete the required labelling.

Issues with Manual Labelling

Additionally, there are also other problems with manual labelling. As workers tend to get tired after long and repetitive working hours, their labelling speed will be slower gradually. Precise labelling is difficult and time-consuming where workers are unable to measure the accurate position for the labels. Product with inconsistent labelling looks unprofessional which may leave a negative brand image and impressions for the consumer. Not just that, manual labelling also causes more damaged and wasted labels such as air bubbles, wrinkled labelling, crooked labelling, and many more which look low-quality.

Therefore, a labelling machine is one of the best investments that address all these labelling problems.

How does a Labelling Machine help you?

One of the key benefits of a labelling machine is efficiency. A labelling machine is so efficient it can replace labelling done by at least 5 workers. As the labelling machine works at a constant high speed, it will boost up your productivity so that you can easily meet your output requirements. Meaning given the same time, a labelling machine can complete more labelling than the amount of labelling 5 workers can do. You no longer face problems with insufficient workers nor need to spend time and effort on hiring new workers. More importantly, it subsequently reduces the costly labour expenses.

Another saving a labelling machine can help is by reducing the wasted labels. Labelling by a machine will be much more consistent and precise than human so, ugly, or low-quality labelling will not appear. The labelling machine can apply labels in almost the exact same position which manual labelling is unable to do so.

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