How To Prevent Strain Injury For Heavy Lifting?

Many businesses often experience similar issues where their employees face ergonomic problems.
The most common ergonomic injury reported is Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).
RSI is caused by:
  • Doing an activity for a long time without rest
  • Doing an activity that involves force, such as lifting heavy objects
  • Poor posture or activities that require you to work in an awkward position

How do you know whether your employees have RSI?

If you are wondering whether your employees are facing ergonomic injury, you may observe through these behaviours:
  • Modifying their tools, equipment, or work area
  • Shaking their arms and hands
  • Rolling their shoulders
  • Bringing supportive products such as back belts or wrist braces into the workplace

It is crucial to address ergonomic injury in the workplace as ergonomic issues affect the health of your employees and subsequently affect your business. When your employees have ergonomic problems, they won’t be able to perform efficiently and will increase absenteeism which leads to a situation of insufficient manpower and reduces your productivity.
Moreover, its consequences are more than just profit loss, where strain is recorded as the top accident category of claim frequency and severity.

What other costs do ergonomic issues cause?

When an injury occurs, it costs your business a lot, including:
  • Wages for work not performed
  • Increased workers’ compensation insurance costs
  • Damage to equipment or machinery
  • Hiring or training new employees
  • Decline in product quality
  • Decline in worker morale

How do you protect your employees from strain injury?

You can minimise the risk of strain injury in your workplace through smart lifting practice. By practising the proper lifting technique, it prevents strain injury caused by using the wrong force to carry heavy goods.
Another option to protect your employees from strain injury due to heavy lifting is to have proper lifting equipment. The purpose of lifting equipment is to help carry heavy goods with minimal to no physical effort required from the operator.
Lifting equipment such as an order picker can increase efficiency significantly, whereas you need fewer employees for the same task, and your employees can pick orders easier and faster. Resulting in reducing manpower yet increasing productivity.

TAWI Mobile Order Picker is a fully mobile vacuum lifter compatible with any forklift or truck and enables you to move around in your warehouse to pick orders.

Why should you use TAWI Lifter?

Using TAWI Mobile Order Picker creates a flexible workplace that everyone can lift, not only male workers but also female workers and even elders.

Recently, the Singapore Government has introduced Senior Worker Early Adopter Grant to provide funding support to employers who employ senior workers. Therefore, we are starting to see the elderly returning to the workplace. And TAWI Mobile Order Picker is one of the many equipment that assists the elderly in their jobs.

What are some other benefits?

In fact, TAWI Mobile Order Picker also brings other benefits to your business besides increasing efficiency.

Damage Prevention

Lifting or moving goods manually increases the risk of product damage such as accidental drops. By using TAWI lifter, its secure lifting can prevent damages on the products due to improper handling.
This is also a money saver since damaged products can be costly to replace.

Increasing Employee Morale

By making the employees’ lives easier, we can increase their working morale, in return, increases the overall efficiency and productivity which equals higher profits to the business. And when employee morale increases, businesses will have lower turnover and save costs for hiring and training new employees.

Reducing Costs

With the help of TAWI lifter, there will be less injury due to heavy lifting. As a result, it helps your business to reduce workers’ compensation, medical costs and other profit loss.
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