How to keep Covid-19 viruses away from your workplace?

The world has been dealing with the impact of Covid-19 since early 2020. Covid-19 is dreadful because it can be easily transmitted. Apart from talking, sneezing, and coughing, an individual may be infected by touching an object or surface that has been contaminated by an infected individual and then touching their face.

Though the duration of the Covid-19 virus surviving on a surface depends on the temperature, humidity, type of surface, and more, it can still stay up to 9 days on a metal surface such as jewellery, silverware, doorknobs, etc. With that being said, let’s think about how safe our workplace is.

All companies adhere to precautionary measures by only allowing a minimum number of workers, wearing masks and many more. But even though we thought we had followed the SOP, why do some companies still turn into a Covid-19 cluster?

It is because we may have neglected some of the places that might be a Covid-19 transmission spot in our workplace. What and where are they exactly? The doors. Door handles, doorknobs, and door pushes all can be transmission spots.

Many people are entering and exiting the office or warehouse every day. Even if we sanitize the doors regularly, imagine the number of workers going in and out every hour. And not only the doors, but some warehouses still use PVC strip curtains. Are we able to sanitize the doors or PVC curtain frequent enough to ensure it is disinfected? Frankly, it is difficult for us to sanitize the door after every single use. One way you can keep your workplace safe from Covid-19 is by using our Dynaco High-Speed Door!

How does Dynaco High-Speed Door help your workplace to be safe from Covid-19? Unlike doors or PVC strip curtains, our High-Speed Door is automatic; thus, this will minimize contact between workers and dramatically reduce transmissions risk. Also, its super-fast opening & closing reduces contamination and effectively prevent diseases from travelling into your workplace. What other benefits do you get from Dynaco-High Speed Door? Other than helping you fight against Covid-19, Dynaco High Speed Door is also great at other aspects. The Dynaco High Speed Door is extremely safe as the door itself has no rigid part, meaning it will not cause injury when you accidentally hit it or vice versa. And in the event of any collision with the forklift or truck, the Dynaco High Speed Door will self-reinsert and resume like nothing happened. Thus, requiring very minimal maintenance as it is crash-resistant.

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