Facing Unprecedented Shortage of Wooden Pallets? What You Should Do?

Unprecedented Wooden Material shortage is coming around the world. And the price of traditional wooden pallets is also increased recently across South East Asia.

Timber shortage is more and more severe.

The shortage of timber has impacted who are those using wooden pallets. Prices for wooden pallets have risen considerably, and it will continue to rise and those hikes are being felt by the customer. This is not the scene of a sustainable or stable market.

Are you facing Wooden Pallet Shortage? What You Should Do?

The Best Alternative will be Compressed Wood Pallets.

The Benefit of Compressed Wood Pallets

Environmental Friendly
✔ Using wood waste only
✔ ISPM 15 compliant
✔ CARB compliant

Financial Benefits
✔ Competitively priced
✔ No Heat or Fumigation Treatment thereby saving cost
✔ Nestable and provide great space savings both in the warehouse and in shipping

Operational Benefits
✔ Space-saving because of it is stackable/Nestable design
✔ Water-resistant – resin bonded
✔ 4-way entry – easy handling for pallet jack and forklift
✔ Strong and durable – dynamic weight capacity >1Ton
✔ Molded pallet – consistent quality, rounded edges & corners miminimize breakage during stretch wrapping
✔ No exposed nails, wood splinters or screws to cause injury to workers or damage to the packaging
✔ Manufacturer’s certification can be provided free of charge upon request for the accompanied shipment 
✔ Mass Produced – Scalable

Compressed Wood Pallet V.S Traditional Pallet
Pallet Comparision

Specification Compressed Wood Pallet
Conventional Wood Pallet
Plastic Pallet
ISPM 15 Exempted; exported worldwide without heat or fumigation treatment Requires heat or fumigation treatment; increased treatment cost Not Applicable
Space Space savings – Nestable Not nestable Nestable
Weight 15 kg (±) 20 kg(±) 7 kg – 16kg
Total Logistics Cost Low due to lighter weight; pallets are nestable. Save space. Relatively higher Low
Disposal Environmentally friendly; returns to nature Non-biodegradable High disposal costs, not accepted at landfill/incubator
Resistance Termite attack resistant; weather-resistant Less resistant than compressed wood pallet Not applicable
Design No nails, rounded edge Nails, subject to corrosion Plastic molded

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