Cost Saving with Lumiqs Intelligent LED Lights

Energy costs are routinely one of the biggest overheads faced by any business, with lighting often accounting for up to 40% of the total electricity spend. Hence, LED lights are one of the popular options that businesses use to reduce energy costs as they consume less energy and save you money in the long run, they are also environmentally friendly compared to other lights.

But why Lumiqs Intelligent LED Lights?

Our Lumiqs Intelligent LED Lights are not the usual cost-saving, its smart motion detector enables you to save even more because it only illuminates when you need it.
With the motion sensor, Lumiqs Intelligent LED Lights will immediately illuminate when it detects the presence of human beings, forklift trucks or other movements. Neighbouring light units will simultaneously illuminate at a dimmed level to provide further convenience, comfort and safety.
In areas where there is a degree of natural light or light from other sources, the intelligent system will automatically provide only the minimum amount of additional light necessary to maintain an appropriate level of illumination in the area where used.
The intelligent lighting systems offer the opportunity to significantly reduce energy costs by up to 90% and payback on investments for 2-3 years when compared to less efficient technologies such as incandescent, fluorescent or high-intensity discharge lighting.
Let’s take an example for comparison:
Metal Halide Light might be cheaper when you install the same amount of Metal Halide Light & Lumiqs Intelligent LED Lights units.
Though imagine turning on Metal Halide Lights during working hours, all the units will be illuminated no matter there are workers around or not and the energy will be consumed during the whole time. On the other hand, Lumiqs Intelligent LED Lights consume much less energy and only when it illuminates when it detects motions of your workers.
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