Budget & CAPEX cannot stop you!

It is not easy when businesses have to juggle between the decision on cost-cutting or improving productivity, especially during these times. The budget freeze, the labour shortage, while at the same time, you need to push up the sales.

Pandemic Affect Business

Businesses, especially manufacturers, are often time the ones that felt the most pinch in this situation. That’s because the profits of the company very much depend on how fast can you get each product out at the lowest cost possible.

Covid-19 has caused a never-before situation where even businesses are now facing a cost-reduction need while having to maintain a high level of output to ensure the company stays afloat. Two of the most common ways is to

  • CAPEX and budget freeze, limiting the purchasing of assets and machinery
  • Labour reduction, reducing the cost of operations
Multitask Worker

However, this decision often contradicts each other, because both cause an issue that needs each other to solve. For example, when you cut the budgets to purchase more machinery to improve your productivity, you need more labour to replace the job that is supposed to be filled by the machine. Vice versa, if you cut the labour, you will need a machine to replace the void of the productivity left by the labour.

Once this starts spiralling, businesses will reach a point where they face a wall, and during this time, doing a U-turn on their decision may be very painful, or worse, there will be no U-turn.

SYSPEX has been riding out multiple economic storms together with our customers for the past three decades. We felt a terrible sense of obligation to help others to ride out this storm together. 

Throughout the past few weeks, SYSPEX’s been working day and night to tailor-make a unique program to solve this. This program’s primary objective is to help businesses to counter the challenges they face in terms of the labour shortage and the productivity drop, without costing them a fortune doing that.

Solution for you

Finally, we have come out with a straightforward solution, riding on something that we have been doing well for the past decade.

Short Term Machine Rental

SYSPEX has been a pioneer in industrial rental service for packaging and warehousing service. We understand what do customers look for in a rental, and we want to pass these specific benefits to this Short Term Rental program, where you get all the benefits and hassle-free experience, but with a few more wonders behind its sleeve.

Why is rental so popular?

  • CASH is KING! I’m sure you’ve heard of the cash-flow being a king, and rental gives you just that.
  • No upfront payment of the machine
  • No depreciation cost
  • Rental is tax-deductible as it is an operating expense
  • All spare parts covered
  • All Wear & Tear parts covered
  • All Maintenance & Labour covered
  • You can always have the latest equipment every few years, rather than having to keep the machine just because you BOUGHT it.

If Rental was so perfect, why did SYSPEX wants to come out with a Short Term Rental?

As we’ve said earlier, we feel obligated to help the community stride through this crisis with minimal damage, and we think we’ve just found one solution to do just that. So, aside from the standard benefits of rental, this new Short Term Rental gives much more flexibility

  • You can try out the machine before going into long term investment or rental
  • Fulfil a short term contract with your customer, which usually a few months to one year.
  • FREE monthly rental*
  • As low as one (1) month rental contract*
  • No hidden charges, 100% Guaranteed!

The fact that this is a new program that we have, we currently have limited choices in machine and equipment available.

If the machine that you may require is not listed, give our super-friendly customer service a call, and they will assist you however they can.

*T&C Apply.

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    Would like to check the possibility in renting the wrapping machine. How about stretch film? Do we need to buy from Syspex?

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