HVLS Fan – Ally To Humankind During Covid-19
Budget & CAPEX cannot stop you!
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HVLS Fan, Myth or Truth? Is this Big Fan worth the Hype?

It’s been a crazy year with the inception of covid-19 globally. Workplace requirement has changed drastically, and with that requirement for proper airflow as well. With lesser people can work in a confined space due to the distancing requirement, companies are looking into redesigning the workplace for better flexibility for any changes in the future. Safety concerns are in large As HVLS fans become more commercialized and common in the market, it’s getting more attention than it used to. When it first introduced in our region, specifically the Asia Pacific, this big fan is iconized as a luxurious addition to the building. Things are beginning to change over the years, and now it has become a symbol of the necessity of a large space building. Many companies are beginning to buy these fans for improving the workplace environment and the comfort of their employees. Though HVLS Fan may look like…